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Sarah Shah

She cuts through the usual fashion and "dress for success" advice, and actually teaches audiences how to use image to be recognized for their talents, navigate sticky situations and put themselves -- and others -- at ease. Whether it's a business image in a corporate setting, fashion trends for the season or creating a "better" body by choosing the right clothes, Sarah makes it work for real women and fashion-conscious men.

In addition to being an interactive and inspiring guest speaker, Sarah is media trained and is a great TV guest. She regularly shares tips and strategies on national and regional TV shows. Her new book, Dress Yourself Skinny, is hot of the presses!

Here are some of Sarah's popular topics relevant for keynotes, conferences, corporations, professional organizations, educational institutions, fund-raisers and social functions. If you don't see the one you want, we can create one that's perfect for your group or event.

Dress Yourself Skinny: Dressing The Body You Have, To Look Like The Body You Want
The wrong clothes can make women look 10, 20 or even 30 pounds heavier than they really are, which can undermine their confidence, self esteem and even create a wrong impression.

Sarah takes all the drama out of dressing. Whether they want to be thinner, taller, shorter, boobier, curvier - whatever - participants will learn how to dress the body they have to look like the body they want. They will learn the critical dressing mistakes that cause them to look bigger than they really are and discover the essentials everybody must embrace to flatter their unique figure. The right choices literally can change any body right before their eyes and have a surprising impact on business results and relationship success.

Dress Yourself Skinny For Business
When it comes to business attire, people often are confused about two things: what is appropriate professional dress and what clothing styles are flattering for them. The result is inappropriate -- and incongruent -- employee attire. Image creation is a two-step process: step 1 - creating a wardrobe that flatters the body and makes one feel fantastic; and step 2 - creating outfits that are appropriate for one's job functions and work environment. Most image professionals start with step 2 and skip step 1. This is a primary reason why employees don't follow dress codes and makeovers don't last.

Participants will learn what clothes make them look their best and boost their self-confidence. This critical step makes happier and more productive employees.

The Secret Language Of Image
Your image speaks volumes about you. It can help you be recognized as the valuable contributor you are. Or, it can block personal connections and keep you from being understood. Participants will be lead on a light-hearted and insightful exploration of the ways society judges professionalism, talents and character traits based image. They will learn the “language of image,” how to be perceived as the valuable asset that they are and dress appropriately for the work environment — without sacrificing personality or style.

Color Blind Or Color Master Mind? Using Color As Your Secret Weapon For Success in Business
Color affects and evokes emotions. Wearing the "wrong" color for a situation can block personal connections and undermine your message. Wearing the "right" color can support one's success. Participants will learn how to help themselves -- and others -- navigate sticky situations, enjoy experiences more fully or inspire action by choosing the right colors for different circumstances. Tips for incorporating color into attire to enhance communication and connection also will be offered.

A ferocious conflict over image is playing out in workplaces across the U.S. It looks like a fight over business attire, pantyhose, tattoos, toe–cleavage and fashion trends. At the core of the conflict is really a clash of generations, power, perspectives and appreciation. Participants will be lead on a candid and humorous exploration of the ways generations judge each other based on image. They will learn each “generations” dressing rules and how to create an image that speaks through these defenses — without sacrificing their preferences or fashion-sense.

Fun and Transformational Topics
Our workshops, clinics and fashion shows are great options for social clubs, networking groups, lunch and learns, and Girl's Nights Out. Other popular topics include: Take the Drama Out of Accessories; 7 Deadly Underwear Sins; Makeup Madness; Dress Yourself Skinny or Fashion Trends for Real Women. They're fun, social and transformational.

For more topics, check out the workshop page, or we can create or customize one that's perfect for your group or organization.

“Yorkshire Academy was thrilled to have Sarah Shah as a speaker for our Parent Education Series. She not only brought in more parents than we often have at our seminars, but they were all totally engaged the whole time. Sarah has a way of relating to each participant so that they become comfortable and excited about all the possibilities she has to share with them. If your group is looking for a dynamic speaker, you just found her.”

— Lori Darnel, Yorkshire Academy,

©2008 Imagine Unlimited LLC, Sarah Shah